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Plant Dye roomy, Linen Banded-collar Shirt (Unisex) – unique piece of wearable art

Sale price1.900,00 kr

Unique shirt dyed with plants, vegetables, and minerals – a one-of-a-kind, portable work of art.

Natural dyeing 2.0 - a growing movement where explosions of colour are precipitated by tying plants, vegetables, minerals in garments which are then submerged in different baths over a few days. All shirts are unique and may differ slightly from photos.

We work with the natural dyeing masters Annika Sandberg of Jaxtorp and Petra Holmberg of Slow Creation who conduct the process in their studios in Stockholm.

Classic, well-tailored, banded-collar shirt in a roomy, unisex fit dyed with natural
Finally, an airy, wide linen shirt with long sleeves, a chest pocket, and matte toned buttons. Fits all body shapes and sizes. Equally suitable for a classy party, a desert safari, the workplace or at home in the garden.
The shirt is delivered ironed. However, the photos show a shirt after being washed and drip-dried. We prefer linen when it is a little wrinkled and lively, but this is completely up to you. The models here are wearing L/XL
This garment is produced by our friends in Greece.

Measurements, length from the top buttonhole: 
M/L= 82 cm 
XL/XXL= 86 cm 

M/L= 70 cm
XL/XXL= 82 cm 

Material: 100% linen
Sizes: M/L, XL/XXL

Washing and shrinkage: Wash the shirt at 40ºC and hang dry. Feel free to keep and wear in its wrinkled state. Very little shrinkage, but fibres will contract slightly during a washing process. Gently care for your new garment. Hang to air. Always use mild detergent to maintain durability.