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Large, Hand-woven Linen Shawl – Grey Fog

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Everyone needs a beautiful hand-woven, linen shawl.

Tightly woven with a wonderful lustre that only a hand-weave can achieve. A shawl or cape to wear all year round.

At the Avani Cooperative in the Himalayas, people have been spinning, carding, weaving and dyeing with leaves, flowers and materials found in the mountains and forests for over 20 years. All work is done by hand. Most of the work is done by the 25 families in the cooperative, but some is also outsourced to 108 villages around the district. This has contributed to 22,700 people, mostly women, earning a livelihood through Avani. This is slow fashion, for real.

Material: 100% linen from West Bengal
Size: 50 X 195 cm
Hem: 1cm fringe

Natural dyes:
10 Snow White – (no dyes used/colourless)
30 Cherry Blossom - lac
50 Indigo Blue - plant extracts
85 Grey Fog- Myrobalan tree leaves

Origins: The yarn is hand-spun, hand-woven and naturally dyed at the Avani Cooperative in Uttarakhand, Himalayas.

Production Time: 55 days: linen harvest, hand spinning - 2 days; natural dyeing - 1 day; weaving, finishing, fringe cutting, labelling - 2 days)

Durability and care: The shawl is made entirely by hand from nature's vibrant materials and colours. Weaving and spinning by hand leads to the threads being wonderfully irregular, and the natural dyeing allows the colour to vary. Care for your new garment tenderly, and you will have a friend for life. Begin by hanging it out to air. When necessary, wash gently by hand in cold water and mild soap, then hang dry.

Read more about the Avani Cooperative here. Read more about the material and the natural dyes here.