Natural Snow Dyed Silk Shawl

1.200 kr

A unique shawl natural-dyed with snow, plants, vegatables, minerals and fungi. 

Allowing the silk shawl to lie in snow with plants results in a beautiful flowing watercolor impression unlike anything else.

This soft, hand-woven, silk shawl is first made by our friends in Kerala and then specially dyed by Annika Sandstedt in Stockholm. Plants, vegetables, minerals and fungi are beaten, pressed, and folded directly into the fabric. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind textile - a wonderful, vibrant, portable firework Each shawl is accompanied by a description of all the materials used in its particular plant dying process.

Material: 100% silk

Size: 110 x 110 cm

Durability and care: Weaving and spinning by hand leads to the threads being wonderfully irregular – a work of the hand. Gently care for your new silk garment, and you will have a friend for life. Begin by hanging it out to air. When necessary, wash by hand in cold water and mild soap, then hang dry.

Read more about natural dyeing here.

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