Classic T-shirt, indigo dyed with Dip Dye

1.400 kr

If you are looking for something completely unique to add to your wardrobe, then this T-shirt by the Norwegian indigo master Axel Becker is for you.

Axel lives and works on an island outside Trondheim in Norway where he experiments with patterns and finding just the right indigo blends. Organic indigo dyeing is an intricate method that requires a great deal of skill. Similar to a sourdough process, an indigo vat goes through fermentation under 5-10 days of supervision and intermittent, deliberate stirring before any actual dyeing takes place. As a master of the craft, Axel teaches this process around the world. This 160 gram combed cotton garment is produced by our friends in Greece.

Measurements, length from top buttonhole:
M/L= 75 cm
XL/XXL= 79 cm

M/L= 58 cm
XL/XXL= 70 cm

Material: 100% Organic cotton from Turkey

Washing and shrinkage:
Wash in 40ºC and hang dry. Shrinks 1-2%. Colours will fade over time. Gently care for your new garment. Hang to air. Always use mild detergent to maintain durability.

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