Handmade unique Mala with 111 pearls

350 kr

Our unique Mala from our friend the Tibetan monk Geshe Pema Dorjee is special. When we visited Pema in Dharamsala in the Himalayas, we wanted to buy a Mala like the one he wore with 108 pearls. 108 pearls is the usual number of pearls. Then we got his Mala, which turned out to have 111 pearls. We asked why his Mala was different and he replied "111 is also a good number, and sometimes you forget one or two pearls when I meditate and read my prayers - then it is good to have 111 pearls"

So now we have Pemas Mala with 111 pearls in handmade sandalwood. Sandalwood is said to calm, give clarity and remove negativity. It is good to use and repeat your mantra during meditation.

Material: Sandelwood
Size: 111 pearls
Production: Nepal

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